Benefits: Energy Efficient; Ergonomically Friendly; Durable Quality; Zero UV Emissions; Design Flexibility: Operational in Extremely Cold or Hot Temperatures; Light Dispersement; Instant Lighting & Frequent Switching; Low Voltage

  • Light output per unit of energy is 266% higher with LED[1] , dramatically reducing energy cost and improving competitiveness.
  • LED lighting is more durable and has a much longer life[1] reducing replacement costs and minimizing landfill waste
  • ED lighting give off much less heat, reducing the energy demand for air conditioning while 75% of the energy going into a fluorescent light is emitted as heat. [1]
  • LED lighting does not contain mercury like fluorescent lighting, eliminating the potential for mercury poisoninig posed by fluorescent lighting[1]
  • LED lighting fixtures can withstand everything from harsh, daily high pressure water or chemical wash downs to wire-guard fixtures with independent operating and shatter proof T8 LED tubes[1].
  • Better optic composition and precision with primary optic for precise light control and greater efficiency, proven to reduce light loss.


  • Lighting assessment
  • Systems Design
  • Installation
  • Monitoring
  • Risk Management


  • LED replacement bulbs for variety of application
  • LED lighting for roads, parking lots, recreation, etc.
  • Wireless communication module
  • Monitoring systems